@jacimariesmith is the perfect example: Here’s a tool you can use to track you Instagram stories. Instagram story provides you with many ideas to implement. The Twitter quote got 2,650 likes. Don’t forget to add music before you upload. 1. This is quite similar to the previous point. On the other hand, this depends on your niche a little bit as well. Sliding through a carousel is like flipping through the pages of a book. For example, @kyliekatich created 2 new hashtags: As you can see, her community is using #ImPostingBoth (to share Instagram versus Reality photos): Text images are becoming more and more popular on Instagram. Is it okay to show a little? Then, the train will continue its road on Instagram. If you feel stuck: Just start writing. You’re not alone. Instagram Story Ads. What the fluff?!? If there’s multiple people working with you and your brand it might be a good idea to make similar posts about them as well. Be sure to check out my free 7-day Instagram course. Having a direct message communication with someone is a very strong signal to Instagram. Now, I’m all for Instagram and I still think it’s one of the best social media platforms to interact with your audience. You can do really funny things with just using stickers in Instagram Stories. You don’t necessarily have to link build off your Instagram. ⠀⠀ @preview.app #ipreview #previewapp . They’ve become the top place for people to … Obviously, Instagram wants to push new features and rewards better views and rankings for the accounts to help their new features be accepted by the community. This way people can click on your username and be redirected to your profile. Instagram’s newest feature, the Nametag, has taken off and is set to be one of the biggest Instagram trends of 2019. However, a simple tip or a trick can and should. So keep making relevant tutorials and guides in your niche. No doubt, it’s clear that Instagram Stories should be a part of every account’s marketing in 2020 and onward. Photos that don’t look overly edited (it’s the new “not-edited” edited trend), Photos that are not too “staged” but more taken “in the moment”, My personal favorites: Filter P3 in the “Blogger” filter pack and S4 in the “Cream” filter pack. If you’re a designer or a photographer, think about Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. He has more than 7 years of experience in online marketing and holds certifications from Google. If you’re doing well with your career, life, love etc – share it. Think outside the box. To start, the platform has innovated tools that enable users to create interactive and fresh content. All the accounts I’ve worked with get around 50% more views. Challenges can help you become viral on Instagram. A filter conveys an emotion, just as much as words or a beautifully captured photo have the power to make you feel. In the past few years I’ve helped over 2,000 accounts to grow their following on Instagram and will continue to do so in the coming years. Instagram launched its “Stories” feature two years ago, and since, Instagram users have been looking to stand out with new Instagram Story Ideas.The Stories feature has quickly become one of the most popular components of the social media app among its more than 800 million users.. Choose any other filter in Preview app and lower the intensity of the filter for a more natural look. When a new month arrives, you can simply go through your notes and shoot several clips of your favourite things last month. If you haven’t started building a presence on other channels, then you’re missing out. Hi there, we use cookies to give you the best experience on our website and to help us improve our service. Instagram rolled out Instagram story ads in early 2017, which have proven to be highly effective for brands. Doing teasers for your upcoming launch is a great way to warm up your audience. Instagram also now offers the option to pay to boost posts—meaning you can spend some money in order to get one of your existing Instagram posts in front of more eyeballs. “So what should I post to Stories?” you might be asking. If you open your feed, you’ll probably see content from accounts that you know and are heavily interacting with. 400 million people watch Instagram Stories every single day. Things you see other Instagrammers do more and more. People are loving posting natural photos: Photos that don’t look overly edited (it’s the new “not-edited” edited trend) Photos that are not too “staged” but more taken “in the moment”. (Full disclosure: some of the links on this website are affiliate links. There will always be people who dislike you no matter what you do. When you post a wallpaper, remember people will be making screenshots of it, so don’t write anything extra on it. Here’s two options how to do a shoutout in an Instagram Story: The Swipe up feature in Instagram Stories is unfortunately available only to accounts with 10k+ followers. That’s 19% of adults aged 13 and over. Or your content is “not good enough”. 108.3k Followers, 413 Following, 5,255 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from What's Trending (@whatstrending) They will create a post and tag 3 of their friends. People are making their photos more fun and personal by doodling on their photos. Real relationships. Alternatively you can use the swipe up feature that links to a Dropbox or Google Drive link where you have uploaded the wallpaper(s). Press Esc to cancel. This could be a series of pictures or a cut video. Join challenges whenever possible. 2. If you’re not quite there yet, I suggest checking out my guide “how to get more followers on Instagram” from HopperHQ blog. If you’re lacking ideas for Instagram Stories then doing short clips of favourites might be a good pick. Instead of having to spell out your handle to potential followers you can now show or send them your Nametag to scan, which leads them straight … For example, think about doing #funfridays. The look of their Instagram feeds is still essential in 2020 to make the best first impression and stick in people’s mind. As this content is going to be relevant for some time, it’s suggested to add reviews as a Story highlight as well. It also helps to position yourself as an expert in the field. Also, if you have spent quite a lot of time building that perfect looking Instagram feed, you don’t really want to post screenshots of somebody’s feed there right? For example, you could start posting “Tip of the day”, which shows one very simple thing to try that day. These Instagram hashtags are the most productive tool to boost the engagement, likes, followers, and reach of a profile. Good-bye vanity metrics, hello authenticity. If you go live for the first time, you probably won’t get that many views. Sign up for ConvertKit and start monetizing your Instagram followers. If there’s something you’re passionate about, then it will probably make good content for Instagram Stories. Express your honest opinion in video format or use background layout to write about the features and benefits of the product. Your whole feed will look natural and cohesive at the same time. Therefore, if you’re not making Stories on Instagram, you’re missing out. A photo with text does the job just as well. 2. The Instagram Story filters have no doubt influenced how we wear and apply makeup. It can be your product name, brand name or symbolise a movement your target market can identify with. 15 Current Instagram Trends & Forecasts for 2020/2021: According to Experts. Location. People are sharing their TikTok videos in their Instagram Stories. August 2016: Instagram launches the Stories format. Now, Instagram is trying to serve content based on what you’d like to see. Check out these two accounts with behind the scenes Stories. The Swipe up feature is perfect for promoting your latest posts if you’re a blogger or an opinion leader. Making photos and videos the same time you’re working might not be the most comfortable thing, but the more you practice the better you get at it. Unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot when I saw it. 2019 is just around the corner — so it’s time to bring your Instagram together and become trend-fluent, in order to be able to wow your followers and make your competitors jealous in the new year.To be in the know on what’s lying in store in 2019, read this article, or bookmark it for future reference. So with the massive popularity of IG Stories, we might soon see Instagram advertising trends changing. 1. You usually need around 500 – 1000 high retention views to achieve that. Twitter quotes usually bring more traffic to your page than other types of Instagram posts.They can double the amount of traffic you get. Here is what I created using my Preview app: Click here to see how to doodle on your Instagram photos. Small hashtags are hashtags that have less than 50k posts. Now, this goes along with the previous point. Don’t always aim to be perfect. Every once in a while Instagram adds new features. Encourage People to Message You. How can you join these challenges in a fun way, while still being relevant to your brand? Fitness trainers, business coaches, designers, renovation companies and everybody who can present their work in “before and after” can make their Instagram shine. If you want to gain a massive following on Instagram, you need to be hosting live sessions. As you might know, I’ve been offering growth services for boosting regular Instagram posts, but this can also be done for stories and lives. ), Natural feed + Natural photos (+ branded feed for brands/businesses). To set up giveaways, I always recommend using Gleam.io. The photo got 1,085 likes. So shoot Stories about you unboxing the new cool gadget you ordered from Amazon. People are now using their Instagram content, more than once, in different places. In 2019, Instagram trends are all about authentic content, influencers, visual effects, creativity, videos, Stories, and shopping. These Instagram trends for 2019 will allow you to create more personal connections with your following. Instagram Story Ideas: The Ultimate Guide for 2020. See if there’s something you can help them with and turn it into a nice Instagram Story. No one can see into the future and discern what the most successful Instagram marketing campaign will be. Instagram is becoming ‘pay to play’ At first, access to 800 million users might sound like a marketer’s dream. It’s worth noting that we’ve seen significant decline in engagement rate for regular posts while Story engagement has stayed high. These 2 posts are just one day apart. They check out people’s posts for that challenge. Tell a story using Instagram stories. Please try again. Exits, or ‘swipes away’ as Instagram itself calls the metric, tell you whether users watched your story to completion or if they exited before the story ended. 1. Don’t stress if you only have like 10 – 20 viewers in the beginning. Depending on your niche, you should find a good balance of showing off and being humble. This trend brings Instagrammers together, makes Instagram a more social place for creators and their followers. The first Story from each day will have a date indicator so that you don’t get lost in all your memories. A perfect example is @laurenastondesigns. Reality check. With the popularity of the Instagram Stories feature, it’s a good idea to use it to promote and sell your products. Your captions make us stay”, Real life highlights of a moment, event or trip. You can draw on your photo using Instagram Story tools (inside your Instagram app), then save the photo and post it on Instagram, How to Create a Linked Carousel (coming soon), The second image is a screenshot of their Instagram Story. Use the time while commuting (not while driving yourself) to add the best of these clips to your video timeline and add music. Are you planning an unboxing video, host a giveaway or something else? It also grabs people’s attention on the Explore page, which has mostly photos and videos. Twitter quotes are one of the most popular text posts on Instagram at the moment.I have no doubt this trend will continue in 2020. In a nutshell, it’s a brief overview of the products, services, books, etc that the person really loves. The great thing with Stories is that they don’t have to look amazing. 4. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. If you lack the time and people are sending in their testimonials without asking, then doing simple screenshots is the easiest to start with. Anything you can think of, like a reminder to “Breathe in” and “Breathe out” or going on a rollercoaster ride. Have an opinion and don’t be afraid to say it out loud. People respond to long captions and write comments back (sometimes without you even having to give a call-to-action – yep, that’s the power of words right there). I’m suggesting to occasionally mention your other platforms, even if you’re not super active, diversifying is important. There was an error submitting your subscription. On June 2, Instagram feeds were checkered with black squares in support of Blackout Tuesday. If you simply don’t feel like putting something cool together, it’s perfectly okay to say that. People now use captions to “talk” to their followers, start conversations, and share what’s on their mind. 9 of the most important Instagram trends in 2020. Instagram trends 2019. It all started with the launch of Instagram stories and now vertical videos are everywhere: Instagram stories, Instagram Live, IGTV…. @gotoskincare is known for its soft, peach Instagram theme (that reminds us of clear skin). He shares what he is working on, what he is excited about, and what is on his mind. When you’re in a hurry, just let your audience know what’s going on and why you aren’t sharing. Let us know in the comments if you’ve noticed any other trends. Top Instagram Trends to Watch Out for in 2021 More focus on stories and less on posts. @kylieskin is known for their pink Instagram theme: @saltyluxe is known for her tropical edits: @kyliekatich is known for her moody edits: @theskinnyconfidential is known for her pink obsession: @thecontentplanner is known for their yellow and blue Content Planners. . PS. For example #bloguettes (36.7k posts) is a hashtag used to gather women bloggers: Because people from a very specific community use them. This means that they frequently use these hashtags to connect and support each other (by liking and commenting on each other’s posts). So don’t try to be someone you’re not. I would use both video and photo posts. If you want to ramp up your growth on Instagram, hosting giveaways is probably one of my best strategies. However, based on the rapid growth rate of Instagram with more than a billion active users and trends that have worked in the past, experts have made a few likely predictions. We’re seeing a trend of people posting more about what they love, what they really think about a subject, writing like they speak, staying true to their passion and beliefs, and building a deeper relationship with their followers. His Stories are truly epic. For example, if you’re in fashion you could ask which shirt you should wear today. Instagram now offers backgrounds for Stories so it makes it even easier to write an update, share some insight or simply say “Good Morning”. To become a opinion leader you need to develop an opinion on things. Instagram is more than just a social media platform: more than 80% of its users are raving fans of at least one business profile, with over 200 million visiting one business account daily. Instagram can be a good place for showcasing your work. Without downloading any additional photo editing or graphics apps, there’s plenty you can do within Instagram to make your Instagram Stories stand out. Action: Dear business owners, please respect the fact that you and your ideal customers are just one “like”, “comment”, “DM” or hashtag away. They just need to convey the message and have a strong call to action. By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of these cookies. There’s a chance that they’ll see it and give you a shoutout. This is a major change which will have a major impact on people in 2020. Instagram Marketing Trends #4: Your Brand Voice is More Important Than Ever According to our research, caption length on Instagram has doubled since 2016! It’s still a pretty cool Instagram trend that I would love to see continue in 2020. You can use Adobe Spark, Canva, Design Wizard or Easil to create awesome graphics for your account and also design quotes for Stories. Since Instagram is purely visual, it’s an incredibly captivating way to make a connection with your customers. Let’s say you’re planning a product launch or putting together new strategies – share it, make a Story. For some people, “likes” are only a vanity metrics that stop them from posting because “what if no one likes it…?”. Last, but not least you should also keep an eye on your metrics. If you haven’t yet tried, then hosting a live together with somebody else in your niche, might be a good start. People who agree with you will respect you even more for stating your views. Take a screenshot of your feed, blur out your latest posts and save that image to your story. Show a before and after photo of yourself 10 years ago versus now. Overall, Instagram seems to be becoming more human, personal and fun in 2020. Over the last year we’ve seen some major updates on Instagram and it’s not as fun for us brands and marketers as it used to be. That says a lot a about a person. To quote our community, who said it so well: “Your photos catch our attention. Instagram stories is a great way to let your audience remind them of your existence. A branded Instagram feed is still extremely valuable to brands, personal brands, and businesses who want to stand out on Instagram and have a clear and recognizable visual presence. More posting = more connection and authentic growth. Of course it’s not that easy. For when showing your work and portfolio simply isn’t enough. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Increasing your engagement rate is one thing, but you should also be genuinely interested in having real relationships with your followers and customers. Exits happen when: Users swiped left (not tapped back or forward) to move to another user’s story. In fact, in late 2017 more than 300 million people watched Instagram Stories daily. Besides getting featured among trending posts, trending on Instagram would also mean that your brand is currently getting lots of attention on the platform. Instagram isn’t the only social media platform out there. Let me know what you think in the comments. 3. Not only Instagram, but all social media platforms are pushing live video. Instagram Stories have recently taken over, with at least more than 500 million viewers gained each day. Text has the power to quickly communicate a thought and idea. 33. Doing polls isn’t that new anymore, but it’s still an awesome way to get your audience to do something. Here are some creative Instagram Story ideas that you can easily apply, along with tutorials and examples of how to bring them to life. Accounts that posted a series of … Location. So make sure you shoot a lot of content before you start working on something so you’d have the “before” material once you’re editing it all together. When you’re just feeling crazy, use stickers. Almost everybody and their dog is posting quite generic videos and photos to their Stories. Location. The result? So shoot a story announcing the giveaway, add a swipe up if you can and for the time-being add this story into your highlights as well. If you haven’t subscribed, here’s your chance! 1. Usually it’s done month by month (e.g. Everything is where it should be right? Maybe it’s something for your work? You can either host it alone or do it together with another account, which is even better in terms of getting a good reach. I haven’t mentioned IGTV because I’m not too sure yet where this is going (apart from sharing long videos and maybe creating a series thanks to the new IGTV series feature). It’s “take your followers to work day”. These posts? Creators can now make money directly on Instagram. Here’s my best Instagram Story ideas for 2020. We already talked about showcasing your portfolio and customer success stories. With the launch of the feature Instagram users have shown a great interest in it. That’s almost two times more than Snapchat. Let your followers know that you’re doing it constantly (daily/weekly). . I use trend in “quotation marks” because I don’t feel it’s a “trend”. Keep your followers up to date with what’s happening by giving them a peek behind the scenes. Nothing better than seeing a motivational quote in the morning from an account you follow right? Carousels (multiple photos or videos in one post) are also becoming increasingly popular. Ask a Question #polltime. In 2020, vertical video has been embraced by Instagram – and it is one of the Instagram trends you should be aware of.