This ensures smooth movements when you workout with no catching or dragging on the line irrespective of where you set your handles along the column. resistance will actually feel like 165 lbs. This functional trainer is built to last you for many years and you’ll have to go out of your way for it to show any serious damage. The frame is grey colored and resistant to any chips, corrosion or any damage whatsoever. The pulleys can pivot on the upright axis giving this machine its versatility. Many functional trainers come with a weight stack of anywhere between 165 – 220 lbs. The base bars of this machine do not have holes to anchor the machine, and they rest on rubber pads and do not have adjustable stabilizers to ease the impact on the floor. This functional trainer is the best and gives fierce competition to the Ft2. The instruction manual isn’t clear and the machine comes with a lot of parts. The frame comes completely welded except for certain crossmembers that attach via large bolts. You can easily move the carriages along the column with only one hand just like the Force G6 functional trainer which adds to the user’s comfort and convenience. The key difference between a fixed press gym and a functional trainer is assistance. The guide rods of this machine are chrome plated 1-inch diameter tubular steel. If regular fitness is your goal then a functional trainer is all you need. The red bar at the top is the bar of the smith machine. You can do bench presses, squats, free weight exercises and a lot of other exercises using this functional trainer. They are versatile, thicker, longer, way more durable, and cheaper than other mats out there. and each weight stack is labelled accordingly. We have compiled the list of the best functional trainers from Amazon that you can consider if you’re setting up your own home gym or a commercial gym. Its dimensions are 84”H x 43.5”D x 60”W and at the base it’s widest at 65 inches. At the rear base there are a set of transport wheels and in the front, you’ll find a lifting handle. Aviation-grade cables and composite pulleys on high quality bearings make for smooth movements over and over again. However, even if you have compact place, let’s say about 650 square feet, then you can fit in a wider functional trainer but you’ll have to move some stuff elsewhere. This machine won’t wear out easily, or chip, can handle heavy workouts, and won’t need replacing for years to come. The maximum weight limit for the pulley and pull-up bars is 300 lbs. For the $300 difference we would recommend you to wait till you can purchase the FT-5000 over the FT-3000. You can perform a wide variety of exercises with this functional trainer so much so that you can get rid of other clutter in your workout area and do all of your favorite exercises in a contained, organized, and safe space. Due to the versatility functional trainers offer, having 8 different positions to choose from vastly increases the exercises you can now perform to target different muscle groups. If you’re a beginner and can’t really afford the expensive functional trainers than this machine would be a good choice. The pulley’s have a 2:1 ratio so you’ll feel you’re lifting half of the weight you chose. This means that you’ll have to use judgement on several occasions. The answer to this question comes down to where you currently are when it comes to your fitness goal and where you live and certain aspects of your personality. If you’re someone who does heavy workouts then your options are limited when it comes to functional trainers with small footprint. The cables on this machine have 2000 lbs. The best mat you can get is the horse stall mat. Also, the pins for the stack are magnetic so you don’t have to worry about the pin falling out. What this means is that you don’t need to have separate machines nor do you need to move from one exercise machine to another. You can fit this machine anywhere you like in your house or garage, even in a corner and you may not leave any space on the rear. ョナルトレーニングで、身体を動かすことそのものを楽しみながら行えるトレーニングプログラムです。日常生活やスポーツなど、 … You can say it’s the commercial variant of the Force G3 functional trainer. each and the back posts can hold 150 lbs. Comes with 50 different numbered adjustment points so users of any size can perfectly position themselves for bench press, squats and other exercises. This can be painful for some people considering how much time you spend at the gym, gas costs on top of gym membership. You can use heavy weights without any issues. The cables on this machine are made from steel and come with PVC sleeves to protect pulleys from any structural damage. The upright bars have can adjust in 32 different positions and distance between the holes is 1 inch. Inspire FTX Functional Trainer $1,899.00 by Inspire Free Shipping on Functional Trainers. So, when it comes to stability this machine is a 10/10. So, with these machines you don’t have to worry about the form for certain exercises and you just have to do the pull and push movements. Talking about its build quality, it has a solid, heavy-duty round and rectangular steel main frame with matte black color scheme. each and the remaining are 10 lbs. Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer If you don’t have enough room (or don’t need) for the Inspire Fitness SCS, the Ft2 is an excellent option too. The smith bar can lock and unlock in 14 different positions on the median upright bars. MiM USA 1001 Hercules Commercial Functional Trainer Smith Machine. With the FT-5000, stability is not an issue no matter how much weight the user is exercising with and from which angle. Functional Trainer Plate-Loaded Platforms Power Racks & Rigs Racks Selectorized Smith Machine Storage By Manufacturer Atlantis Strength Dotmar Matrix Dynamic Fitness Eleiko Sports Legend Fitness … and has can withstand weight up to 800 lbs. Each weight stack has the weight mentioned on it so, you can select the weight you want with ease. The length of the olympic bar is 7 feet and the standard one is about five to six feet in length. weight stacks, one for each side. and the frame structure adds another 405 lbs. Both functional trainers and fixed-press gyms usually have a 2:1 weight ratio because of the pulley design and many of these machines offer upgrade-able weight stacks if you require increased resistance because of the 2:1 weight ratio. With 84”H, you will require about 8 feet of ceiling to accommodate this machine. Some other attachments you can purchase to use with this equipment include spud strap, curl bar, V-shape bar for triceps, and ankle cuffs. The rear upright bars come with four storage pegs for olympic plates on which you can load 135 lbs. of resistance. Our versatile Functional Trainer Machine range offers a selection of 7 units, including compact rigs, cable cross-overs, and dual pulleys. It’s mainly designed for home use and can’t really be used in commercial gyms. You also have the multi-grip dip handle attachments for workouts to target different upper body muscles. The leg press assembly attaches to the smith machine and depending on your foot position targets different muscles in your legs (quadriceps, glutes, inner thigh muscles). Because it’s so versatile, it offers the flexibility to perform many exercises targeting a lot more muscles except for leg extensions as the bench lacks this feature. The Streamline Functional Trainer is one of the most versatile and unique training systems on the market. Classic grip, hammer grip, pronated grip, narrow and wide grip allows you to target all important muscle groups when you perform chin-ups. This machine is 79.5 inches (202 cms) in width and is 46.5 inches (118 cms) in depth. With a total resistance capacity of 1000 lbs, … The 2-inch thick pegs allow you to use your own Olympic weight plates. of weight plates. It fastens to the bottom of the FT and folds up … The Functional Trainer is among the ultimate in exercise versatility. on each weight plate (Olympic 2 inches holes) carriage. Some functional trainers require space around them for them to used as they are meant to be but the REP Fitness FT-5000, since it’s v-shaped, requires to be in its front to use this machine properly. It’s a V-shaped machine with a space-forward design allowing you to perform your exercises in the front. For those folks who don’t know what a functional trainer is, it’s like a cable crossover machine but better versatility. Considering how this machine is sturdy when it comes to its build and construction, users weighing even 300 lbs. Ceiling height would also be important as some of the compact or commercial functional trainers are over 7 feet in height. While options are limited for fixed-press gyms as they are unique, the options are exponentially better with functional trainers. The Fettle Fitness Functional Trainer is a commercial quality piece of equipment designed for years of enjoyment. The … Like the FT2, the FT1 comes with several durable nylon pulleys integrated with steel ball bearings. The Inspire Fitness FT1 functional trainer comes with two weight stacks which use metallic alloy plates. This is important for the usual exercises such as the bench presses and also when you’re doing olympic lifts. The instructions aren’t super clear but you’ll be able to figure it out. each side and you will be able to perform a wide variety of exercises with your desired resistance. Coming to the weight stacks, this machine has dual 160 lbs. Optional accessories for this functional trainer include the multi-function exercise bench and two 50 lbs. Getting a gym membership is also better for someone with access to the gym within walking distance. So, the functional trainer will certainly help you to lose weight but not by itself. Fixed-press gyms such as the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE or Bowflex PR3000 have been popular since a long time. Inspire FTX Functional Trainer Constructed of heavy-duty steel and finished with a matte black powder coat, it's … So, before you purchase a functional trainer, you’ll have to plan your workout area in your house and then shortlist options available and if they also meet your requirement. It’s commercial grade quality machine that offers the versatility of a functional trainer with a smith machine that you won’t find in many functional trainers. It’s also one of the industry’s smallest footprints in a full functional trainer. The Power Rack component is made of steel and comes with high quality J-Hooks and Safeties which are height adjustable. Functional trainers are just getting more popular than the traditional fixed-press gyms. This functional trainer has a compact build and comes with a small footprint when you consider home gyms. each. Functional trainers, because of their design, offer multi-planar (360 degree) movements so it’s important to exercise in proper form and you need to know the proper form for your target muscles. Place a step or box in front of the functional trainer machine and set the cable pulley to the lowest height. If you live in an area where you have no access to any gym nearby, then it’s best to invest in a functional trainer and other gym equipment. It has extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing and every component is made from the best grade steel available. The dimensions of the smith cage are 87”H x 60”D x 80”W. You will most probably need a 3/4-inch-thick 4 feet by 6 feet heavy duty mat to protect your floor from any damage. of weight of the weight stack. Unfortunately, the weight stacks aren’t upgradable and this machine doesn’t come with 5 lbs. Something most functional trainers lack is a good quality smith machine but not this one. This functional trainer is equipped with two weight carriages featuring 2-inch thick pegs. so, you’ll be able to increase the resistance by 10 lbs. It comes with two D-handles for the side pulleys, a long bar that can be attached to the side pulleys, and ankle cuffs. The functional trainer component comes with two J-hooks and two safety bars which can be used for other exercises other than those exercises for the smith machine. tensile strength, flexible, nylon coated and can travel as much as 78 inches away from the machine. So, the entire 165 lbs. This functional trainer is as good as having five different machines (power rack, functional trainer, smith machine, chin-up bar, core trainer) put together into one machine. Unlike other functional trainers which only come with 2 or 4 pulley positions, this functional trainer comes with pulleys which you can adjust to 8 different positions. The bars come coated with black powder paint finish which provide protection against chips, wear and tear and any other structural damage. weight, it’s very heavy which makes it very stable during workouts. You won’t have to deal with wait times as well unlike in a gym. So, you can rest assured, it won’t budge or wobble and there is no need to anchor it. The top of this machine comes with a fixed multi-grip pull bar for chin-ups and pull-ups. The bench frame is made of steel tubing and combines oval and rectangular bars which adds to its looks and function. It’s curved with a knurled finish for better grip and positioning for your hands and to reduce the stress on your wrists. Laser cut numbers make equal adjustments easy. Functional Trainers can lead to improved muscular balance and joint stability in athletes and overall increased function for individuals following debilitating injuries or life-threatening conditions such as … WEIGHT: 994lbs/451kgs WEIGHT STACK LIMIT: 265lbs/120kgs Download the Functional … This functional trainer comes with independent, adjustable cable columns that have 30 different height positions and they also rotate 200 degrees making it possible for the user to train from a variety of angles and height positions. This machine looks similar to the HCI Fitness PTX Trainer but its frame doesn’t fold as the HCI Fitness PTX Trainer and come with more features and functions. You should wash them first and let them bake in the fun for a while. It’s a heavy duty, multi-position, commercial grade bench and offers great adjustability. All the hassle of changing plates is just gone making this smith machine feature very safe for everyone to use. The weight stacks can be purchased separately and as for the carriages you can use your own weight plates if you already have them. Users also report that the customer service of MiM USA is good too. Your email address will not be published. resistance will feel like 50 lbs. so almost all users can perform pull-ups and chin-ups comfortably. only. What is a functional trainer? ignoring the 2:1 ratio for other plates. Its base has rubber pads which add to its stability and helps to protect the floor. There is no need to take up precious space with … However, at the gym, you’ll have to deal with expensive monthly gym membership, overall time taken door to door including preparing, travelling to, working out and traveling back home, and if you go during peak time then you’ll have to wait for your turn. However, the FT2 comes with a weight multiplier but only for the smith machine. or 154 kgs when it’s fully assembled without any weights. Functional Trainers from Macarthur Fitness Equipment are ideal for the home gym because they pack so many exercises into a very small footprint. Are you someone who will stay disciplined if you workout on your own? With this high weight, this machine is extremely stable even when it’s used for heavy workout. can easily use this machine to perform their workouts. Because of this, you can rest assured that the machine is extremely stable and you’ll never have any problems when it comes to stability. The MiM USA Super FT 44 Pro is easy to assemble. This is a top functional trainer that you can get for your home gym. weight stacks located on each side.